BFEQ Services - Management System

June 01, 2021 - Present
PHP Laravel Jquery Bootstrap


BeXar Financial Equipment Services maintains financial equipment in and around the Bexar County in Texas. BeXar requested a new interface with a working quote form, as well as a dashboard to control their work-orders.

My Contribution

The new interface was designed based on Bexar's original interface. The interface contains the company information, information about the technicians, information on the services Bexar provides, information on the equipment Bexar uses, testimonials, and a contact/quote form.

The contact form at the bottom of the homepage uses asynchronous calls to the Laravel backend and is spam protected using honeypots and a captcha challenge:


Besides the front-end, technicians also receive a dashboard. Technicians are assigned roles and the dashboard changes according to the technician role. In this hierarchy, technicians are able to fill out different parts of the work-order documents from the office and from the field. When a work-order is assigned to a technician the software sends an SMS to the field technician. Once the field technician completes the job the program saves the data and emails the work-orders back to the office.


BeXar is very delighted with the software. According to Bexar, the software is saving a considerable amount of money by reducing their paper needs. The software alleviated redundant paperwork resulting in employees dedicating more time to repairs and services.